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wenzhou ronghua pet nutrition technology co.,ltd.

     Wenzhou Ronghua Pet Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd, founded in a beautiful city Wenzhou in 2001, has specialized in dog chews for more than 15 years. With more than 15 years developing, we can provide dog chews, toys, pet leashes and collars, cotton rope and so on, up to 300 kinds of pet supplies. The total investment of Ronghua reaches more than 50 million. It employs more than 300 people and covers an area of 10000 square meters.

     Our company has a high-level group who have the courage to bring new ideas, conscientious and meticulous in work. Our company develop rapidly because we never relax the requirement for product quality. We always keep our motto in mind: not qualified, not sale.We also regularly hold vocational skill and food safety training to make the staff realize how important the food safety is.
 We select classy raw materials and introduce modern manufacturing and testing equipment to ensure the product quality. 

      Due to high quality, Ronghua enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad and obtains many certifications including ISO22000, Food Safety System, the UK BRC System, FDA, BSCI and reaches other global food hygiene and safety standards. At the same time, we also win some domestic honors, such as Growing SMEs of Zhejiang Province, Enterprise reaching Safety Standardization , the top 100 in Wenzhou and so on. Our products are exported to Europe, the US, as well as Southeast Asia. With many years exporting experience, we have become a trusted partner of many European brands.

     Ronghua always keeps pace with the times. Nowadays, at the age of economic globalization, the global market is rapidly changing. But Ronghua never stops paying attention to changes. Meeting challenges and changes, Ronghua takes some measures like updating equipment, advancing management system and optimizing internal structure. We also participate in some famous exhibition every year such as Asia Pet Fair, Interzoo in Nuremberg, CIPS to learn the latest information of this line.

      As a saying goes “cohesion is strength, unity is born hope”, our leaders protects workers’ rights and gives a fair growing platform so that everyone can achieve their own value. So everyone tries his best to do his duty.

  • RCK1005-2008 white twist stick with chicken
  • RCK1005-2008 white knot bone with chicken
  • RG2008 natural strarch stick
  • RG2004-2008 strarch stick colorful
  • RH1001-1004 rawhide knot bone with starch
  • RH1001-1004 Dog Biscuit
  • RCP1013 Bi-color expand roll
  • RM3004 3007 gife box
  • RM3003 snow flake
  • RM3002 star
  • RTP1006 smoked twist stick with munehy
  • RTP1022 smoked expand roll
  • RTP1020 1021 Bi-color twist stick
  • RTP1019 Bi-color twist stick
  • RTP1010-1015 white/natural twist stick
  • RZP4003 smoked knot bone
  • RBP4004 smoked pressed bone
  • RCP2005 smoked expand roll
  • RCP1005 white expand roll
  • RB3001 Bi-color pressed bone
  • RZ3001 Bi-color knot bone
  • RDP1023 porkhide white chicken leg
  • RDP1018-1019 smoked porkhide pig ear
  • RDP1020 porkhide rope bone figure
  • RCK-3001
  • RG2004 2006 2008
  • RG1008 graw-graw bone
  • RH1001-1004 Dog Biscuit
  • RCP1014 Bi-color expand roll
  • RCR4002 RCR4003
  • 02 2016-12

    Basic knowledge of pet food

    Basic knowledge of pet food
    With the improvement of living standards, more and more families have pets, but many friends for pet food knowledge does not understand, can not give pet health food, so as to influence the health and life of pets.

  • 02 2016-12

    Pet food development history

    In 1860, there is a British run the market sales American appliance division James Spratt sales manager Comrade, with lightning rod bags, sales make light of travelling a thousand li came to Britain, on the streets, trying to open up the market to become his lightning Kingdom, electrical appliance industry 500 strong, at this moment, he saw himself on the ship no eating dog biscuits are one eat, but still a favorite dog.

  • 25 2016-11
  • 25 2016-11

    Pet food industry development trends and future trends

    The pet industry in 2000 to enter the domestic market, quickly swept the country, with the improvement of living standards, rising demand for pets, domestic pets are rising. Pet is not what strange things, a lot of young people to play when the "dog father" and "mother dog", his pet name "son", for now, these are very common, they treat their pets no less doting parents love their children, they are willing to master the "baby" consumption, buy the best pet food, wearing expensive clothes, go to the senior beauty shop etc.. The view that people keep pets has changed, pets are now members of the family and enjoy the most high treatment.

  • Basic knowledge of pet food


    Basic knowledge of pet food
    With the improvement of living standards, more and more families have pets, but many friends for pet food knowledge does not understand, can not give pet health food, so as to influence the health and life of pets.