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Basic knowledge of pet food
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Basic knowledge of pet food
With the improvement of living standards, more and more families have pets, but many friends for pet food knowledge does not understand, can not give pet health food, so as to influence the health and life of pets.

In addition, corn, soy and wheat are likely to cause pet allergies, choose pet food to make sure the body's physical.
Third, for new brands or types of pet food should be based on the characteristics of pets, and step by step. For pet food in the decision should first consider whether food composition characteristics consistent with the characteristics of pet fur and body weight before and after the change in the observation of whether there is dull, dry skin, pet weight change and fecal odor to determine whether is suitable for food. In addition, the beginning of the replacement of pet food should be mixed with 1/3 new food and 2/3 old food, gradually increase gradually, to pet a slowly adapt to the process, to avoid the emergence of gastrointestinal discomfort.