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Should increase the import of pet food cross-border electricity suppliers to support efforts
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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards and the reduction of family size, the number of pets in urban and rural residents in China has increased dramatically. According to statistics, as of 2015, the number of "registered" pet dog is about 4 million 250 thousand, the number of pet cat is about 2 million, and the annual growth rate of 30%. In the pet economy, pet food industry accounted for 40% share, according to the analysis report "shows 2015-2020 pet supplies and services industry market research and investment forecast prospective industry Research Institute released", China's current pet food reached 120 billion, domestic cat and dog food market mainly by the United States, Europe, Nestle Purina Mars the three known pet food pet food giant occupied, although some manufacturers have factories or agents in Chinese, but domestic and foreign products and spread superstition to the overseas product quality, more consumers to buy imported pet food.
Existing problems of imported pet food
Pre-approval of the higher threshold, leading to import. Because most are pet food products of animal origin, if from animal epidemic countries, is likely to carry people, animals or zoonotic diseases, leading to the proliferation of epidemic diseases in our country, there are strict regulatory procedures for the import of animal food. For example, foreign enterprises for the first time to China exports of pet food, to the Ministry of Agriculture shall apply for import registration by the Ministry of agriculture, examine the application materials for the inspection of the product, in order to obtain the import registration certificate "; secondly, the import of pet food overseas manufacturers need to register for the record in quality inspection administration, the owner also need to apply for animal and plant quarantine permit in the product entry, with the import permit and after inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine agencies, can legally enter sales. Pre-approval time-consuming and tedious steps, before the entry, each basic specifications of the products usually takes about 1 years to complete. According to preliminary statistics, at present, the Ministry of agriculture, as well as the Ministry of agriculture import feed certificate and quality inspection administration of registration of the brand is only about 15, can not meet the needs of the domestic market.